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The Cost of Imperalism: Regionally and Globally

By: D’Marco Thomas Quinene

Originally written 03/01/2022, finally published on 03/06/2022

It’s been a week since Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded the sovereign country of Ukraine. And maybe to the surprise to world, definitely to myself, the Ukrainian have proven more resilient than any have them credit for. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has proven to be the leader that a free Ukraine needs to defend against this unprovoked and unnecessary violence, sanctioned by the Russian government. With news of a nuclear facility on fire, this war already had future ramifications for the world, and now the threat of nuclear fallout is imminent and real. Reports are that this event could dwarf Chernobyl by almost 10 times the nuclear fallout. Still the Russian president persist in the destruction of a nearby country and the nuclear poisoning of Europe. The time to stand up to Russia was yesterday, today the US and it’s NATO allies need to seriously consider intervention in the Ukrainian war, because it will have ramification worse than just a regional conflict. The peace of Europe and the West depends on it.

However there is where I stop the praising of Western civilization. The ridiculous claim that any Western culture or civilization is better than the global south or the East is discriminatory and wrong. We have seen through history, the historical, continual, and future plundering of the riches and labor while sowing discord in those countries. When a Western country ha an imperialist, empire-driven foreign policy, it destroys the cultural and historical foundations of people of color. The historical oppression is already the biggest shame in human history. The fact we have gone this long fighting over classifications and categories that do not even have any connection to who we all truly are, human beings. As a species, we must continue to strive to be mutually symbiotic to each other, seeking to benefit other and ourselves. How black I am, or my sexuality, or my education should not be the focal point on how I am treated. Dignity and respect must be given to all. But I love this one quote that says “Respect was invented to cover the empty place where love should be.” As human and as Christians, we are called to love one another, ourselves and God. Therefore, the mistreat of our fellow human being due to race, status, greed, and other immoralities needs to stop, and of course it will not be easy. For centuries, we have warred and clashed over the abundant resources of the earth, and in modern times we have completely exploited the earth, the animals who live with us, the less fortunate people who cannot even eat as we waste food and other resources for profit. Wealth inequality globally is immoral and will always lead to violence. As we continue to ignore the lessons of love our lord Jesus Christ left us, we see the real results in the world. As a progressive this might not be popular to say but capitalism and socialism can also be mutual. However social safety nets must not entice people to be lazy and complacent, but must be tools to help them rebuild the life they want.

Historically Europe, Australia, the US and Canada (their governments) are responsible for the colonization of the known world and the mistreatment and near extinction of Native peoples around the world. For all of Western civilizations accomplishments, Africa and Asia were also developing societies before European contact.

To finish this long rant off, because I’ve gotten off topic a couple times now, war is a tool of imperialist and elitist to achieve goals that cost human lives. We must ask ourselves, when we fight in wars, what is it really for? Why does the media portray it in certain ways? Which country benefits from neutrality vs intervention? All these questions help us analyze real world situations and their implications in real time.


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